Locked to Channel 1 but still broadcasting 11.

  • Hi all. I am trying to troubleshoot whats going on with my Alien setup. To keep from conflicting with the Zigbee mesh I have for my light switches, I put locked the Alien to Channel 1 and shut off the auto channel selection. When I use a wifi analyzer, I can see that it is doing both channel 1 and 11. Any ideas why? Thanks.0_1634572778745_Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 10.05.33 AM.png

  • @Kerry-Lebel How many Aliens do you have? With 2 or even 3, the lock in only 'works' for the main router. The others will - if the overlap on the locked channel is strong (either because of where they are in relation to other networks, or to your main router) - chose a diff channel both for 2.4 and 5 Ghz. There is no way to avoid that AFAIK.

  • @Daniel-Osers interesting! I have two. The main router base and one AP. Why does the channel lock only work for the route? That kind of defeats the purpose of it doesn't it? The main router is in the basement and the AP is on the first floor. Both are almost dead center in the house to get the best coverage. Is this a Wifi requirement that I am unaware of? Do the AP's need to be on a different channel than the router?

  • @Kerry-Lebel Yeah... I mean the reason for doing it makes sense, but the lack of control over all (I have 3 routers, wired backhaul) can be a problem. You can tell for sure if you compare the MAC address of each with the channels you see on your spectrum. The 'errant' channel will be on the mesh (not main) router.
    If the routers are 'too close together' - I am not sure how thick your floors are but sounds like they are right on 'top' of each other - them using the same channel (especially farther reaching 2.4 Ghz) would be a problem and severely impact your connection reliability and speeds, similar to a too-close neighbor rationing on the same channel and band.
    So no, the APs don't HAVE to be on a different channel, but Alien (and lots of others) helps by offsetting them.

  • @Daniel-Osers Right. Got it. That makes sense. I should still be able to manually control the AP's if I want to though. This is a pretty poor design. I would have chosen Channel 6 for the AP, which could still then keep from overlapping channel 24 which I use for all my zigbee based home automation.

  • @Kerry-Lebel don't disagree 🙂 - there are units where you have a lot more input into setup but then they are also a lot harder to setup. Alien and Orbi etc are less for tinkering, while Asus etc IMO - give a lot more options, but are much harder to setup and maintain for the uninitated.

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