Isolating IOT devices on guest network…….how to manage them on main?

  • Hello….I have some iot smart plugs that I want to isolate from the main network and put on guest. I have my phone on the guest WiFi and then I set up the plug so it “sees” the guest network.

    All good so far. But I find that I can’t turn it on/off or “see” it when I’m on the main network for my phone.

    Perhaps using this method to isolate iot won’t work for things that I want to make changes for on the main network?

    1. I’d like to separate iot for safety from main network.
    2. I’d like to still be able to turn lights on/off when I’m on the main WiFi.

    Thx for any help. Dave

  • I dont think you will be able to achieve what you are looking to do. Most guest networks are isolated from the main network. I think the only two choices you have are to leave the iot on guest network and log in to that network to control (Sounds like a hastle). Or you could also separate the wifi bands on the main network and have the iot connect to the 2.4. Im no wiz, and could be mistaken, so dont give up! Good luck in finding a solution.

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