Moving Amplifi HD login account, to a different account

  • Greetings all. I have Amplifi HD products across 4 different properties and I use the App (Android) to monitor / remote manage etc. The account is tied to my GMail account. I would like to now use a different GMail account for all 4 systems - essentially I want to migrate the configs to a different user account. Is there a way I can do this (other than, rebuild everything from scratch again)?

  • @Martin-Hartshorne Hello. Due to safety reasons, such an option is not available. However to avoid factory resetting your routers you can user Web interface feature* to remove remote access for each device.
    *You must be on the local network to access Web interface.

  • Thank you for the swift reply. To clarify: if I disable remote access for each system, then I can 'attach' a different Google Account (or, any account) to that system by being on that local network, opening the Amplifi App and signing in with that account, then enabling remote access with that account? In other words - the App Account is only used to bind remote access to the local network, and is not inherently tied to the network set up - config itself?

  • @Martin-Hartshorne that is correct.

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