AmpliFi Alien Router and BT TV / BT Sport

  • Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me.

    I have the alien with the mesh point at home, with BT Fibre 900 which works perfectly.

    I recently had the TV box sent to me and the streaming channels do not work. I know the box has connectivity as the apps on the box works, however the channels like BT sport SD / HD / 4K do not work.

    BT Support tells me it would work if I used their homehub but I don't want to do that. Hopefully some settings or something that somebody can help me with? Somebody on a BT forum suggested it had something to do with Multicast and turning on IGMP snooping??

    I attach a picture of my basic settings on my router.
    Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hi @Darren-Slaughter - historically AmpliFi have not supported multicast IGMP for IPTV in PPPoE mode and to the best of my knowledge it still doesn’t work

    You will need to open a support ticket or maybe @UI-AmpliFi will directly comment here, but there is a strong possibility you will need to place the Alien in Bridge mode behind an alternative compatible router for PPPoE IPTV

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