Missing icons - again...

  • Hi there,

    I know there has been many topics around this subject, none of them concluded with a calming answer by Ubiquity. Trying to raise to topic once again. With all due respect, could you guys at Ubiquity give us an answer what is happening with missing icon reports? Is anyone taking care of those? Do you only add icons when it's reported by x number of different users? If you don't want to take of many minor requests, that's fair, but then a suggestion: could you allow an option to upload custom icons? If not from the app, but at least from the web UI of the router. Btw, I just realised that 'Report missing icon' feature is not available on router's web UI, but only in the app.
    I also understand this is pretty minor issue compared to several other 'mission critical' requests, but if there is no response from you, it leaves bad taste in our mouths and keeps us believe that Ubiquity does not really care about the voice of their customers/users (who generate the revenue for you).

    Thanks and looking forward to your kind feedback.
    Szabolcs (Hungary)

  • @szdombo hey, I have missing icons as well.. such a pain. Also wouldn’t mind a crowd sourced “approved” image library of sorts?

    To be honest I can’t even report a missing icon. When I click submit or okay in the final part of the submit icon then the app seems to just freeze?

  • The app just seems to freeze and be stuck on this page with the “report” button greyed out after selecting it.


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