Hello from Denmark

  • I have been an UniFI user for several years and was introduced to AmpliFi at the end of last year thanks to Ubiquiti and @UBNT-AlexCaldas.

    After experiencing how easy the setup was and the great performance, I was very impressed, and knew this was a product I would recommend to friends and family.

    Since then, I have purchased an additional AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi system to be used as a demo for friends and family when they were complaining about bad wifi connection at their homes.
    So I showed them how easy the AmpliFi system is to setup, and then had them test it out for a couple of weeks.
    In all cases the result was that they were very happy and as impressed as I was the first time. They have all purchased their own AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi system after the test period.

    Happy to be a member of this community, and be a part of the AmpliFi journey in the future. Especially with the new AmpliFi Teleport which I am very much looking forward to test out here in Europe.

  • @søren-strøm Hi Søren! That's an awesome story. Welcome to the community!

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