WiFi vanished overnight

  • Hi, I have set up two Alien routers (EU version, latest firmware, 3.6.2) in a mesh. After the first two days of continous operation in the morning all WIFi devices were disconnected from my network and the SSID was not visible anymore. The mesh node reported no connection (Wifi) via the display.
    A reset of the mesh master device brought all back to normal.

    Anyone with the same experience? I am bit worried , because I do not want to reboot the system every second day.

  • I am seeing the same behavior with a brand new Alien (USA) but no mesh. After two days of continuous operation serving 30+ clients, the network disappears overnight leaving just one (apparently) random client able to connect.

    The wireless network is not being advertised in this failure mode. I've seen the problem both in bridge mode and when acting as a router and serving DHCP.

    Looking for other threads describing this problem but appreciate any ideas.

  • @TSpitzmann Hmm.. Are you using wired ethernet backhaul or connecting the routers via wireless?
    I have had this happen multiple times over the last few weeks (3 Alien, all wired-backhaul) where either both mesh units show 'offline' (main router still sends wifi) and / or one router going 'dark' (LCD, LED - but still on and reacts to touch - also showing disconnected to main router). In both cases, reboots bring them back, sometimes for days or weeks.
    I don't recall it happening with 3.6.0 so I reverted all routers for now to test that (so far, no issues - but that's not conclusive yet). But since you re on 3.6.2 as well, may be interesting to see if there is similarity.

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