Problems with ad blocker

  • A few months ago I noticed a general slowdown in my home wifi using the HD mesh. Streaming was often getting the loading messages, animations in games had become slow and choppy. Around this same time I noticed I could no longer access certain ad supported streaming sites. Paramount + is one example. I pay the lower rate and have ads. I started getting an error when attempting to stream from them. After many weeks of troubleshooting a logged into my HD through the web app and found the ad blocker that I had never seen before. I turned it off and all of the above issues cleared up. Is anyone else having issues with the ad blocker? I never turned it on so why did it default to being on when the software updated? This should be something I enable so I know how everything is set up.

  • @jklier I see the same on my Alien unit using Paramount+ (add free) if I turn the ad blocker off it streams flawlessly and with it on I'll either get a spinning wheel or an error. I haven't noticed as much while playing games on the xbox but Paramount+ for sure gives issues when trying to stream champions leagues games. I'd have to turn it off and then as the stream starts again turn the ad blocker back on.

  • Thank you for reporting this issue, we will look into it.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Will there be a possible fix in an upcoming beta? it's become a bit of a pain to toggle the ad blocker off & on to view paramount+. I've also ran into this issue using peacoks streaming on 2 iPads.

  • @thel0vebel0w Yes, it would be nice to have an update on this. I find it very odd that Amplifi would implement an ad blocker without a way to whitelist domains.

    I would also like an update on the slowdown of web connected apps when using the ad blocker. This was most noticeable on my kids phones when they were playing games that were internet connected. Any animations looked like they were running at about 10 fps. This issue is completely repeatable. Turn off the ad blocker, everything is fine. Turn it on and it's all slow again. Same thing with loading messages on streaming services.

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