Changing Router/Mesh ? issue ?

  • I have noticed that if 5 people in my family are online at the same time then Amplifi is struggling to keep on, eather we get often Buffering or drop connection.

    We restart the Amplifi and do never download large files.
    What could cause this? ????



    If you have many devices competing for WiFi connections, then there will be a drop in the speed and reliability. It also makes use of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac technology.

  • @Eric35 Hi. We need a support file for the investigation. Please reach out to the support team and attach a support file generated right after you experience the issue.
    Thank you!

  • @UI-AmpliFi I just read that it is a firmware issue that causing Buffering on my Amplifi HD.
    This means that must release a "stable" firmware version to keep away Buffering from Live Tv OR change the Router to Linksys, maybe to a more stable Router.

  • Your internet connection is fast enough to support low latency, but you may experience intermittent issues due to bufferbloat.


    How do I get rid of bufferbloat?
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    The easiest and quickest way for most people to fix bufferbloat is to upgrade their WiFi router. A small number of modern, high-end routers come with a feature called "Smart Queue Management" – also known as SQM.

  • Here is the link for buffering test >>>

    Your latency increased considerably under load.

    Read about how to fix bufferbloat issues.**

    How do I get rid of bufferbloat?
    Click to reveal answer.

    The easiest and quickest way for most people to fix bufferbloat is to upgrade their WiFi router. A small number of modern, high-end routers come with a feature called "Smart Queue Management" – also known as SQM. We've collected a short list of routers with good SQM here. Once enabled and configured correctly, a router with SQM can get rid of most bufferbloat.

  • @UI-AmpliFi So now that we know the issue with Buffering/Latency problem with Amplifi HD Router will there be a stable firmware release that fixes those Buffering on LiveTV/Youtube/Netflix etc ?

  • How many devices can be connected to the internet with Amplifi HD?

    I've noticed that if it is 2 or 3 users connected to the HD then Iptv start to buffering every minute.
    While the other 2 people in my family just surf on the Internet, nothing more.

    When will this be fixed in firmware update?

  • @Eric35 Tested my HD on an ethernet connection to the router. My ISP service is 75/20. Grade was B, good enough for everything but low latency gaming, something I don't do. Seems acceptable to me.

  • Buffer bloat is a result of the interaction between the ISP infrastructure, the modem and the router
    For example DOCSIS cable modems started out half-duplex causing significant buffer bloat due to one way communication, but has since evolved to full-duplex which typically eliminates buffer bloat
    True buffer bloat solutions are at the ISP level

    SQM is a QoS feature which trades bandwidth for lower latencies across multiple data connections and if configured correctly can significantly reduce buffer bloat

    I would personally characterize SQM as a bandaid for a poor ISP implementation, but that is just an opinion, and in many cases consumers don’t have much choice or any choice for internet service

    The QoS Latency Optimization feature (a form of SQM) was implemented in partnership with nVidia exclusively on the Gamers Edition, self-configured in coordination with GeForce servers, and I doubt will be back ported to the HD

    The Alien did receive the feature but it remains disabled by default in the web UI and requires manual tuning to be effective

    An alternative is to implement SQM with an Edge Router in transparent bridge mode between your HD and the ISP, but results can vary
    SQM won’t magically increase bandwidth if users are requesting more data than the pipe can provide
    I ran one with decent results until my ISP upgraded their infrastructure eliminating the need

    Here is a more recent discussion of an ER-X SQM implementation which achieved great results…

  • So there is not much i can do but the Amplifi developers must release a firmware for HD with Smart Queue Management (SQM) or just to buy a new router that use SQM or else named > OFDMA as D-Link AX3200 Wi-Fi 6 AI Mesh Router M32 that can provide ?

  • Hi @Eric35 - if the root cause of your issue is buffer bloat then you have a few options...

    • if possible improve your internet service
    • optimize the internet connection you have by upgrading the interface hardware (for example use the latest generation modem compatible with your ISP)

    If these are not possible or already exhausted, then consider a QoS solution such as SQM
    Just know that SQM can only optimize a connection to its weakest link and includes tradeoffs, such as sacrificing the maximum available bandwidth for lower latencies
    If your ISP backhaul is inherently high latency or bandwidth limited, SQM cannot magically make it better

    For SQM you could...

    • obtain a used ER-X and implement a SQM bridge between your HD router and ISP modem
    • install a router with SQM capability

    If you decide to use a new router you could...

    • implement a router only device and place your HD in bridge mode
    • obtain a Gamers Edition compatible with your existing HD so it can be used as a mesh point
    • trash your existing AmpliFi setup and use a new solution

    However, after you have solved your buffer bloat issue, there still may be streaming issues on the LAN side if your network (wired & wireless) cannot service the number of users and the associated load relative to what your Internet service provides

    If that is the case then once again, upgrade your service and interface hardware to the best affordable available to you

    Then on the LAN side, if wired clients are creating issues and you want to keep your existing router, you may need to implement a managed switch for wired client QoS, such as a tp-link Easy Smart Switch mentioned in the thread I linked to previously, which has priority queuing and rate limiting features, or use a router with more advanced QoS features

    If the issue is on the wireless side of the LAN, then you need to first be sure that your mesh is capable of delivering close to your full available ISP throughput

    Then it becomes a question of your mesh hardware's capability to support multiple clients simultaneously
    The HD is only SU-MIMO so it can only service one client at a time, in one direction
    If you have 5 streaming clients watching movies it might be okay
    If you have 5 Zoom/Teams meetings going, then you are attempting to service 10 actual high QoS priority connections as each one is bi-directional, and a single mesh point might start to choke
    So if your wireless client load is greater than your wireless capacity, which no firmware update or QoS can solve, you may need to update your wireless network hardware accordingly

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