Downloading Issues and Gaming

  • im not good with grammer on pc so bare with me here ok thanks. so im running AT&T and using the amplifi alien router as my linking source becuase AT&T doesnt have a nice long range connection compared to Amplifi Alien so whenever im downloading using Amplifi Alien its downloading my games at around 5mbps but we have 50mbps how can i make it so that it works with something high or below 50mbps so i dont have to leave my pc on for hours when downloading i kinda have adhd and pictures could help or anyone that can explain over discord will be greatly appreciated so much just let me know i want to try and learn more about my amplifi product

  • @Rayne-Hedlund Hi, Rayne.
    The best way to solve your issue would be to contact our support team and attach a support file generated right after you experience your issue.

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