Unable to see/manage connected devices (e.g. iPad)

  • Amplifi Router Gaming
    Version 3.6.2
    App Version v1.15.0 (21)

    Been using Amplifi HD Gamers version for a few years. Irritatingly it did not match the spec (fixed non-moveable atenna, weak signal), poor app and cannot add gamer spec mesh points, just standard HD mesh points (white not black) to the system as they are not available individually.

    However the IOS app is poor and has become near unuseable as it is now cluttered with dormant or unused devices. It also does not show all active, connected devices:

    1. Unable to see active devices (e.g. iPadPro) connected to my network.
    2. Unable to remove devices listed, connected or unconnected, from the app/router.
    3. Unable to manage devices connected to my network due the the two points above.
    4. Devices listed when adding a user profile appear to be a super set (i.e. more are listed) of the devices listed when not using the profile feature.


    When will there be a decent useable admin UI for the web (who in their right mind thought just a phone app would suffice?!)?
    When will the app or web UI support managing devices and when will these issues be addressed?
    What is the work around short of a reset to get the app to see all devices?

    This is a fundamental issue and leaves the network open to previously connected devices and is therefore a security issue. Just read a few reviews and the HD devices are now regularly being placed down the ranking...

  • @ksjburton Thank you for your feedback.
    To investigate your issues we kindly ask you to reach out to our support team and attach a support file generated right after you experience your issue.

    Right now there are no plans to significantly upgrade the web-interface capabilities. If you are interested in more networking features you could consider upgrading to our UniFi products.

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