Another Slow Wifi problem AmpliFi HD

  • I am running Amplifi HD with two mesh points (bought as a kit). Clients connected to wifi consistently see ~25 to 30Mbps speed over speedtest (ookla) and my ISP (comcast) is providing 900Mbps download service (yes I know the math). Tested with iPhone, macbook, surfacebook, ipad and results are the same. Tried lots of different settings no noticeable difference. Wired connections often see 275-400+Mbps.

    For fun, I setup my old (6 years ago old) linksys and see wifi speeds at 90-100Mpbs as that is as good as it would ever get.

    Configuration is I have the cable modem --> amplifi HD with 2 antennas. Coverage is good, speed BLOWS.

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