Can we please get a repo of previous stable versions like they did for the Alien HD? Speeds capped at 10 mb

  • Since a recent update my HD is limited at 10 mbit when it should be 300. I've tried everything, and support needs to wait for her tier 2 team to respond before she can send me a firmware older than 3.6.1.
    Can we please just get links for older firmwares so that I can see if rolling back further solves my issue?

    In lieu of support;
    -I've done 2 factory resets
    -I've rolled back to 3.6.1

    • I've enabled hardware NAT.

  • Second this.

    I'd like to get previous stable versions to test to try to resolve my issues with the LAN ports not working on my Amplifi HD. They just stopped working in February of this year and support hasn't been able to figure it out even with diagnostic traces, etc.

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