How much am I giving away?

  • Since a WiFi router is a perfect place to intercept traffic, it seems that many manufacturers are far too invasive for my paranoid persona. I do not want to do, "online setup", when local should work just as well. I do not want any device phoning home with my data, whether or not it is (claimed) to be anonymous. Firmware security updates are fine, as long as the source, and the integrity can be acceptably verified. I personally, do not want to be a product. Phone Apps. also have a (well deserved) bad reputation for reliably respecting privacy. My thought is, Ubiquity has always been a scrupulously respectable company. Has anyone found a reason to think the AmpliFi Alien, and/or associated App. is but yet another data mine?

  • @jwhitmor Start by reading this:

    It applies to everything, web site, firmware, apps, everything.

    Then read this:

    Now you know.

  • Thank you mleeds. That is a comprehensive answer. The documents were written by corporate attorneys, with which I am familiar. I am married to one. They try to cover all bases, including those they are not actually using. By being comprehensive, they hope to avoid an unintended infraction, for which the company may be held accountable by a user, a class, politicians, or the press. The policy statements and terms of service are the equivalent of a teen telling their parents: "Anywhere a person can go" when the parents ask where they going as they leave the house. Not a very useful answer, but a cover your backside statement, with implied truthfulness.
    All this means is that we, through our vigilance, curiosity, and even research, must determine if there is actual cause for concern. It would be much easier if the often bantered about "transparency" was not ever used for insincere marketing.

  • Yeah, so you could 'sniff' the WAN side of your traffic and do analysis if you really wanted to see what was going outbound, but you would likely need a passive splitter and a fairly large amount of storage and time. Filtering by destination would help, however if they were competent, some/much/all of the traffic going to them would be encrypted.

    As to lawyer speak, corporations do not have to have that large of a CYA. A few companies have made clear statements on their behavior. I use to work at one that was quite clear at one point in time. That changed as ownership and business plan changed. So it goes.

    Purely as a possible point of interest I offer:

  • @mleeds
    Great URL, thank you.
    The whole voyeur fixation / surveillance state mentality, is toxic. Originally there were a few bucks in data for advertisers. Now profiling is a global agenda.

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