4g failover issues

  • Hi all
    Been running alien for a week now and fantastic bit of kit.
    I have run into issues with running my netgear lb2120 as a 4g failover/backup
    This is how my intended setup is
    Sky Hub4 running dhcp Ethernet into wan port of Netgear 4g hub in bridge mode, lan out into wan of amplifi alien also in bridge mode.
    The alien will show no internet when in this configuration however if I put the laptop on the end of directly connected this into my switch my devices work fine with failover too.
    If I take the Netgear out of bridge mode or the alien I end up with double Nat and multiple dhcp and have drop outs
    Is there something I’m missing?
    I have tried turning dhcp off on the sky hub but no up address gets assigned to either sky hub or netgear lb2120 and I still don’t get any throughput

  • Please ignore the untidy wiring this will be sorted once I have everything working how I require

    Thanks in advance for your help

    0_1637183209665_55853735-838F-4259-8F8C-9099D4DDA4E1.jpeg 0_1637183182522_A124FED0-86C4-4EB1-B437-50D6EA964406.jpeg

  • @jayaston1988 So do you have a secondary WAN input to your Netgear (I am assuming that your netgear is the one managing the failover situation)? If this is the case then are you not able to put your sky hub in modem-only mode and leave your Netgear to handle all the routing while using the Alien as a WiFi bridge?

  • @Ali-Hadi hi thanks for your reply
    The only option on the sky hub see below. Which from what I have read the sky hub doesn't offer modem only / bridge mode and when ever I select this option to disable dhcp and leave the 4g hub in router mode it stays in fail over and dosnt see the sky hub

  • @jayaston1988 I see what you mean. I think your only other option would be to accept a double NAT situation but try and ameliorate any adverse impact by putting the Netgear's IP in the DMZ of the Sky hub (if the latter has the option to allow you to do so).

  • @Ali-Hadi ahhh I seen this mentioned on other forums so put the 4g in router mode and then add the IP address to Dmz on the sky hub.
    What is the background of this? Dmz. Demilitarised zone is that right?

  • @Ali-Hadi I also was reading about leaving the 4g backup on a different subnet too

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