New Wired Mesh Aliens

  • OK, I think I have successfully set up a wired mesh point in my basement with two standard Amplifi Aliens but I am noticing a few oddities.

    1. Occasionally, the mesh-point alien in the basement loses connection and I have to reboot the whole shebang to maybe correct it. I am currently using a pretty old Cat 5 (? 4) cable which I will replace with a new Cat 8 cable in a couple of days. Could that be it?

    2. Although both routers are functioning with ethernet backhaul, when I look at Devices in the Amplifi App on my phone, it seems that most everything is using the old router upstairs and not the mesh-point in the basement. One apple tv which is 15 feet away from the mesh point router with no obstructions is still connected to the upstairs router with 60% signal. The only thing in the basement which seems connected to the mesh-point is a mini Homepod 1 foot away. Do I have to restart all my devices in the basement to see if they will connect to the stronger signal? And if I restart the routers, the mesh-point router is always the last to boot, so I would think most devices will latch onto the upstairs router before the mesh-point gets going? ugh.

    3. I am using homekit devices to control a humidifier for some guitars in my basement this winter, so I really need my wifi to be very dependable. Right now, not sure it is there….

    Thanks in advance.

  • Shut down the 2 routers for about 5 minutes. Then only start one router and see what happens. If connections are made then restart the other router. That's my advice. If it does not work then submit a support ticket.

  • The disconnection problem has not recurred since I changed out the ethernet cable. I guess I will have to scour the manual to see if there is any information about aiming the router for best signal. I still don't see many devices connecting to the mesh-point router, but I have noticed that all the homekit devices near it seem to be reporting their status much quicker than before.

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