How can I block QUIC (ports 80, 443)

  • I use Starlink and there is a niche issue where FB/IG are very slow. The fix is to block QUIC at the router level (ports 80, 443).

    Is this possible with Amplifi Instant?

  • @alexhunt QUIC is a general-purpose transport layer network protocol initially designed by Jim Roskind at Google, implemented, and deployed in 2012, announced publicly in 2013 as experimentation broadened, and described at an IETF meeting.

    QUIC is used by more than half of all connections from the Chrome web browser to Google's servers. Microsoft Edge and Firefox support it. Safari implements the protocol, however, it is not enabled by default.

    Is it slow for everything or only browser data?

  • @James-Earl-Ford it's only slow for Facebook and Instagram, but on all devices. In app and browser.

    Blocking these ports is the current workaround in Starlink community til FB or Starlink fix the issue.

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