Ethernet backhaul breaks DHCP

  • Hi @carlnorum - I personally do not use any Alien mesh points because single Aliens provide enough coverage for my installations and then I use UniFi APs for any missed coverage or outdoors

    But others in the community do run multiple Aliens with wired backhaul, although not typically behind an ER

    There have been reports of AmpliFi products not playing nicely with ER and MT routers in the past, so there may be a problem there

    You probably don't want to put the effort it but other things to test would be to place the main Alien in DHCP mode so it double NATs, placing all of the Aliens in Bridge mode running them independently (same SSIDs, just manually set the channels to not interfere) and I personally would start first with turning everything off...

    • disable band steering
    • disable router steering
    • disable IPv6
    • disable common SSID
    • disable DFS
    • consider manually setting channels and lower channel widths
    • disable all web UI advanced settings
    • disable all web UI radio settings
    • enable Beta options
    • enable all Beta diagnostic settings
    • consider sending periodic debug info to to Ubiquiti so they receive snapshots over time

    Hopefully others with wired backhaul Alien experience will chime in on their experience

    You could also try older firmware releases, but again, that's a lot of work

  • I did do the double NAT for a test on support's recommendation. It was an even bigger problem for as-yet-undetermined reasons. Maybe some trouble with DHCP leases. I'll have to try again more carefully.

    They've had me turn off "Hardware Acceleration" now... depending on what that actually does, maybe they're on to something. 🤞🏻