Feature or Fix? Meshpoint channels cannot be set from UI

  • I have looked everywere but don't see where I can set the 5 ghz channel on the meshpoints and they seem to be set randomly. It's important to be able to avoid other 5 ghz channels on competing networks. Maybe I just never found the correct menu?

  • @Robert-Andrews

    Use the WiFi Explorer app to find the 5GHz channel that is the least used.

    Open the Amplifi app.
    Click Wireless.
    Scroll to the bottom and click Advanced.
    Under 5Ghz turn off Automatic.
    Click the 5GHz channel (the one that is the least used from above)you want to make the default for the 5Ghz range.

    After making the change, doesn't the Mesh Point now use the channel you specified?

  • That changes the channel for the master node but the mesh nodes merrily go on with their own channels. It does look like changing the channel size on the main router also changes the channel size on the mesh nodes but not the channel used. This is verified using the Wifi Analyzer app on Android, looking at the 5ghz spectrum.

  • @Robert-Andrews You are correct. You were always just able to change the channels on the Router. RAMP / mesh units channels (2.4 and 5) are set independently and there is no way in the app or web site to affect them.
    I assume that's so they can choose channels that don't overlap if they are too close to the main Router, but it does make situations like yours where other signal is interfering even 'more' an issue (and the units don't change channels to compensate for that)....

  • @Daniel-Osers can't see that is correct (unless they used to follow the main router) Mine is playing up all of a sudden!
    Never used to have this issue. It would be so nice to be able to see what's actually connected to a mesh point as well - Also, I have to ask this question, It's 2021 (nearly 2022) and yet still a wifi router cannot do a simple scan to determine the best place to setup camp!! Why is that? (lol I'm ranting and it's christmas eve!) Windows search (I actually wrote my own program!) and wifi routers are the most annoying bits of technology going. We're supposed to be worried AI is going to taske over etc!! Surely it has to get "intelligent" first (well select an empty radio channel at least)

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