New Aliens don't perform as well as old Apple Airport Extreme AC.

  • I just replaced three Airport Extremes (wifi5) with two Alien routers, meshed via ethernet backhaul. I've also kept one of the Airports at a different corner of the house to handle Time Machine backups and set it up in bridge mode with a totally different SSID and connected via ethernet to the Alien router. My internet connection is 300/300 FIOS and in the 2 years I've had it, has always performed at or above advertised speeds. I typically get 300/320 using

    Both systems are configured with the 2.4 and 5 bands as separate SSIDs.

    I'm seeing the following.

    • With a Mac connected via ethernet, I see 300/320. I also see 300/320 using the speedtest built into the Amplifi app.

    • When connected to the Aliens on 5G with a wifi6 device (iPhone 11 Pro) or wifi5 Macbook, I consistently see 240/240 even if I'm standing 2 feet in front of the router or mesh point.

    • When I connect to the remaining Airport, I consistently see 300/320 when within a few feet of it.

    So, very simply, why can't these brand new Aliens outperform an Airport from 2014? Are there any configuration changes I can make to improve this? To be fair, the performance on the Aliens drops off much less the further I get from them compared to the Airport.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Does Amplifi support watch these forums?

  • Yes AmpliFi do watch these forum to my knowledge.

  • @pauldwilson911 Hi. Each environment is different due to WiFi clients, router configuration, and external interference from other WiFi routers or RF emitters. Please reach out to our support so we can investigate your case in much greater detail.

  • @pauldwilson911

    Well I am using Airport Extreme as my main router and Airport as an extender. Since Apple has discontinued their support and building of these products I thought that I will have to get myself some new routers. I must say that these two products were excellent and gave me excellent usage. No problems. It is now time to say goodbye to them 😰😰as since 1916 were were no updates, technology has advanced so I have to get new ones.

    Today I picked up my 2 AmpliFi Aliens and I am about to install them. I hope that I do not suffer the same consequences as you.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks for responding. I have contacted support previously on this. My point in posting here was to capture all of the details of the situation and, hopefully, get a solution that's helpful to others as well.

    I realize all wifi situations are different, but as I said, the difference was there when standing within 2' of the router. The specific environment becomes much less of an issue given that.

  • @pauldwilson911

    The specific environment becomes much less of an issue given that.

    Not true actually. I worked for a radio company and unless you are testing the router-client in a controlled setting (faraday cages) the environment could be affecting the connection regardless of how close your client is to the router.

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