Devices will not change to strongest mesh point

  • We need an update where devices will connect to the strongest mesh point or router. have spent hours doing research and it seems like this is an issue from 2018. We need an urgent update for this matter.

  • @Franco Hi, can you please try using Wi-Fi uplink and let us know what are your concerns in this case?
    If Wi-Fi uplink is used then the AmpliFi Alien routers keep the connection with the main router as long as possible, because the additional path through the meshpoint can give worst speeds than staying connected with the main router.
    We kindly ask you to submit a support case and generate a support file when you are having issues, so we can investigate your case. Thank you!

  • I'm having similar issues with Wired Backbone. I have to use 2.4ghz Wireless Backbone with the RAMP in range of the main router in order to have the devices switch to the closest AP.

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