I guess they call it an Alien because the electrical shock this thing gave me is out of this world.

  • So I've recently purchased a set with an Alien router and mesh point, both work fine.
    I've ordered another stand alone Alien router to integrate into my wireless network.

    I'm running them with a wired backhaul so had to insert a UTP cable, I guess this is why you always unplug it before plugging in any other cable, because upon inserting the UTP cable I got a hefty shock. Thankfully my RCD/earth leakage protection switch jumped and my entire house was blacked out.

    Very dangerous that this device isn't even earthed then I guess?

    The following day I carefully measured out if the device was giving off any current, and ding ding ding, full 230v available on all of the LAN ports shielding, I've attached some pictures of my measurements.

    Just warning other Ubiquiti Alien users here, I'm also very mistrusting of my other 2 units I currently own.. my return period for them has expired.. 😞

    Also found another thread here reporting the same problem so.. seems like a bigger issue than just an isolated case?

    1_1638631843620_IMG_3258.jpeg 0_1638631843620_IMG_3254.jpeg

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