The documentation desperately needs to reflect these 6 points:

  • Better documentation:

    1. it was not clear in the UI that i was selecting the name for the teleport SSID and it must be different from my amplifi network
      2)i needed a PC, one iphone (as hot spot) and an ipad (for app). To get this all setup WTF
    2. it was never clear to me which SSID any 3 of my devices should be connected to any time
    3. the teleport 'test connectivity' option disappears when it is connected to an internet hotspot. Why? This made me think it was not working / i had turned it into a mesh poin
    4. this isn't a meshpoint, don't describe it as such, i also don't expect to see it greyed out in the UI when it is working but just not connected to the internet
    5. make it super clear how i change between different hotels SSIDs (for example one SSID at the hotel) at the moment when connected to a hotpost there is no way to access https://teleport.lan - this page needs to be accessible 100% of the time

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