Guest Mode - Breaks WiFi

  • Just got 4 new Alien Amplifi's and set them up (to replace 4 Airport Extremes).

    All updated to 3.6.0 firmware upon installation.

    All are wired ethernet with one acting as a router and the other 3 as Ethernet backbone access mesh points.

    System is working fine except Guest Mode completely breaks it. I set Guest Mode up with a WPA2 password, set for infinite users and then when I enable it - either Always On or 15:00 (tried both), it takes the entire wifi network offline. Basically takes the main Alien router's (connected to broadband modem) WiFi down.

    The Alien router is still running - LCD is good, can use the front touch panel but there's no further network traffic.

    Amplifi App (iPhone 12 mini) gets disconnected and cannot find the network anymore.

    Had to turn it off and back on for it to come back up.

    Have tried three times...

    Appreciate getting this fixed as Guest Network was one of the key reasons I opted for Amplifi Aliens.

  • @Crocodilian Hi we suggest you to update Alien firmware to 3.6.2 (latest official). If you still have the issue, please reach out to our support team and add a support file right after you experience the issue.
    Thank you!

  • I was wrong. I am on 3.6.2 - it auto-updated to that version.

    I don't know what a support file is. It's clear that there's something wrong so please get this fixed ASAP.

  • @Crocodilian - A support file is basically a file that your system will generate (see how-to instructions at: with all your important setup information that UI can use to investigate your issue. The best way to get UI to help you is definitely to file a support ticket (in the link they provided above) and include your setup file.

  • I went through 2 months of troubleshooting with amplifi on the same issue. Returned the router to BB for a new one and still the same issue. AMPLIFI stopped responding to my request for updates on their investigation.

  • Do yourself a favor and return your Alien products. Go with another manufacturer. I wish I could do the same right now, but well past return period. Don't get me wrong, their hardware is good, however the software / control side of things are absolute trash. Not to mention their total disregard for features that we actually want. Simple things other manufacturers come with out of the box. (i.e. mesh node channel control, device binding to a specific node, etc) I should have never left Asus running Merlin....

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