Large file downloads on gigabit connection - router loses connection

  • Anyone else having trouble with downloading large files/games over a gigabit connection?
    I can consistently reproduce this whenever I start the download of a large game (~50 GB++), but sometimes it happens even at 15GB. Doesn't matter which client (steam, rockstar, ubisoft, origin....).

    What happens is the router simply loses internet connection and says "No WAN IP address" even though it works fine if I plug directly into the modem.
    Rebooting the router resolves it instantly, and it doesn't seem to happen again for a bit.

    Cache overload?

    Using Ethernet between PC/router.

  • @SkebbZ
    Hi, could you please let us know if "Hardware NAT" is enabled under the "Internet" settings in the mobile app?

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    Yes, it is.

  • @SkebbZ Could you please disable it and let us know if the issue is reproducible after the changes has been made.

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    Unable to reproduce so far with Hardware NAT turned off, but speeds are not staying at max from Steam's servers. Likely due to entering European "prime time"right now. I'll try it again during non-peak hours. Could take a few weeks to test properly though.

  • @SkebbZ 100% - and I had opened a ticket on this earlier as well.
    I have 3 Alien (all ethernet backhaul) and with HW acceleration enabled I get drops and even no connection (or no error, but 'endless' loading, and no hops beyond router) after it being on a few hours. Consistently with 3.6.1 and 3.6.2. Turning it off fixes is 100% of the time for me (as did reverting to 3.6.0 eventually).
    Connection between Aliens is Gigabit, as is my connection to outside (Fiber).

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    So it happened again now, even just going at 57MB/s with Hardware NAT turned off.

  • @SkebbZ The fastest way to solve this issue would be if you could generate a support file right after or during the issue and create a support ticket.

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