Forced Channel Selection not working

  • Hi All. I need to force my Alien to stay on Channel 1 so that it stops conflicting with my Zigbee based home automation devices. I have the router and one AP. In the advanced settings I turned off automatic channel selection and set it to 1. But I am still seeing my main network and my guest network on channel 11 when I do a wifi scan. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. It's blowing up all my home automation.

  • @Kerry-Lebel Only the main router is affected by the manual channel settings. Your mesh routers (in your case, one more) are going to grab a 'free' frequency for both 2.4 and 5ghz - so far no way to control the channels across the board

  • Ouch! Then I am going to have to dump my Alien and start over. Its have waaaaay too much of a negative effect on my 65+ Zigbee based devices which also share the 2.4ghz spectrum. Thanks for clarifying Daniel. Seems like I need something a little more configurable.

  • @Kerry-Lebel You could set the channel to a particular one on the router and then have your mesh link to it using the 2.4 Not best for speeds but then it would only use that channel as well.

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