Feature Wishlist for 2022

  • Hello Ubiquiti Amplifi Devs.

    Please, PRETTY PLEASE, implement some of these features in the next firmware release.

    *Scheduled Router Reboot
    *Manual removal of historical device leases from Devices records
    *Segmented subnets for IOT devices
    *WPA3 Personal AND Enterprise
    *More granular controls for Profiles, like parental controls (App and website blocking, traffic monitoring, etc)
    *Link Aggregation
    *IPV6 DNS controls

    Thank you!

  • Yes please to all of these. Love my new Amplifi Alien Routers but the feature set on it is pathetic compared to my older ASUS which had so many more user configurable options and settings etc.

    But my biggest request of all these would be the traffic monitoring.

  • @mckenna_k amplifi (Aliens and HD) already support wired backhaul… if by this you mean what they call “Ethernet Backbone” (https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006826048-How-to-Enable-Ethernet-Wired-Backhaul), and it’s been working fine for many of us for quite a while… are you requesting a “fix” here or are you requesting something else? Otherwise I like this wishlist 🙂

  • I actually didn’t know that Ethernet backhaul was included. Thanks for the heads up.
    One less ask for the Devs. 😁

  • @mckenna_k Also, WPA3 is currently in Beta testing (with 3.6.3 firmware rc and test flight amplifi app combination)... they're working out some bugs so it may not make it to release but definite progress! Props to the dev team 😉

  • I've been working in the IT Infrastructure area for 20+ years and have gotten to play with many enterprise level security interfaces.
    Palo Alto, SonicWall, Juniper, etc. They are very granular, but overkill for consumer level.
    But some of the consumer level router tools are pretty great too, and they borrow a few of the best enterprise features.

    For instance, Gryphon Connect has an excellent IOT and Family centric toolset.
    Some of their security options for smart devices are really great. (separate isolated subnets for each device is brilliant)
    It's too bad the hardware performance is only average.

    TP-Link and Asus interfaces are pretty good as well. Not as pretty as Gryphon, but some great options and tools.

    Ubiquiti Amplifi wins the hardware competition, hands down. But, it's my hope that the Devs take a look at some of the competitor interfaces, and bring some of their best features into the Amplifi realm.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • A reddit post made me think of this: MAC whitelisting.

  • We NEED the ability to change wifi channels on both the main router and meshpoint's in the system.

    I currently have two aliens and am getting interference on the 5ghz band. (Confirmed by unplugging router and interference ceased) Logged into webportal changed channel on band and only the main router channel changed. Not the AP where the interference was happening.

    Please give us the ability to have more advanced control of our aliens...

  • Agreed please WPA3, segmented subnets for IOT vs using guest access, traffic monitoring.

  • I would also like more advanced control, more so on the device management side. Similar to what @mckenna_k and @cmdshft said above, I'd like the ability to block certain devices, only allow internet or LAN access based on MAC, etc.

  • Also Home Assistant integration or something similar would be great. With this you could enable different functionality like sending a notification when a certain MAC is on the network (someone comes home and their phone is on the network) or allowing internet access during the day (sunrise to sunset), etc.

  • -WPA3
    -Manual channel selection on mesh points
    -Ability to define minimum RSSI on APs
    -Scheduled router/mesh point reboot
    -Feature parity between web UI and mobile app

  • @mckenna_k

    Scheduled Router Reboot <= 1st priority for me

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