Remote Management (+ Synology)

  • In the last week or two I've noticed remote management from the iOS app doesn't work at all. When connected to the WiFi network all is fine, and it confirms 'Remote Management enabled' however remotely it's not working whatsoever. I'm on 3.6.3rc3 however in combination with this, despite a fully functioning Synology NAS, I can't seem to remote into the files on that either via SMB unless it's on the web. All was working fine prior. Anyone else experience anything similar? Thank you!

  • The most odd solution in case anyone's interested. Remote management from the Amplifi app is still hit and miss, however VPN wise on macOS, in order to ping an IP on the local network, despite 'Send all traffic over VPN connection' being ticked in System Preferences for the L2TP protocol, if the service order in 'Network' of System Preferences has WiFi or Ethernet above the VPN, it'll try to ping an IP of the first service rather than the VPN. Reorder it with your VPN at the top and it'll work! macOS...

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