AmpliFi Alien and meshpoint SSIDs

  • Hi there!

    I just bought and setup an AmpliFi Alien router and meshpoint. As I want to define 5GHz only SSIDs, I configured a 5GHz only SSID on the router yet, settings to create it on the meshpoint also exist. Aren’t SSIDs on router extended by default to the meshpoint? Do I have to create 5GHz only SSIDs on the meshpoint as well?


  • Hi @fastidious-i-am - this support article may help...

    SSIDs common across all mesh points are defined on the main router under the Wireless - General settings
    Here you can chose to combine or split the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11ax SSID
    And on the US model you can can enable an 802.11ac Additional 5 GHz radio, which can have a unique Wi-Fi 5 SSID or use the Common SSID
    These SSIDs are created across the entire mesh

    There is also a Wireless settings section for Additional SSIDs which are created independently per node
    On the router they are under Wireless - Router Additional SSID and on mesh points under Mesh Point Additional SSID
    These SSIDs are not propagated across the mesh, but can be manually replicated if desired
    One reason for this is if you have non-roaming clients, such as smart speakers, that you want to lock down to a specific access point and not be constantly tempted to attach back to the main router or another mesh point, so yo can set them up to only know the Additional SSID that you want them to attach to

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