OpenDNS vs. Amplifi DNS ad blocker

  • I'm wondering the benefits of having OpenDNS set as my main DNS in the amplifi app. I've had it that way for a bit to help with:

    1. hiding my activity from Comcast
    2. block Samsung SMART TV from phoning home
    3. hopefully speeding up page loads

    2 Questions:

    1. If I want to use the Amplifi DNS-based adblocker I assume this is not compatible with OpenDNS?
      For example, if I set the DNS in the app to OpenDNS servers and check the Amplifi ad blocker I assume they both will not work in tandem?

    2. Is another option to use the default DNS settings with Amplifi ad blocker enabled and just input the Open DNS settings directly to my Samsung TV?


  • Hello......I'm going to update this and simply my question.
    I'm not worried about the SMART TV anymore.

    Can I use OpenDNS as my main DNS provider in the app AND use the Amplifi ad blocker? That's my main question......thank you.


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