Overstating Download Speed

  • My Amplifi HD (gamer) reports about 70Mbps consistently on my network. This is always 10-20Mbps faster than I think but have ignored the discepancy. However, my ISP (BT) has failed to maintain any level of service this week and as a result I have been paying closer attention to download rates. And here's the rub...

    Amplifi HD Router reports about 70Mbps on the display.
    The Amplifi iPhone app reborts about 70Mbs on the speed test function.
    Ookla speed test reports less than 2Mbps.
    BT speed test reports less than 2Mbps.
    Sky will not download.
    Netflix will not stream.
    Email will not download.

    I've attached a quick video to put the question into context.

    To be clear. I am currently experiencing ISP issues so download speed is pretty much zero. I have a history of tests that record the speeds. The Amplifi router always shows a download of about 70Mbps.

    Can someone please explain why the Amplifi device reports something that just isn't happening?

    Ah, can't upload video here... 0_1640737489050_videosnip.PNG

  • @ksjburton

    I think you have answered your question in the second to last paragraph of your post which states "To be clear. I am currently experiencing ISP issues so download speed is pretty much zero"

    If your ISP is having issues, then you are going to have inconsistent download speeds.

  • @ahoodnick thanks for the note; perhaps I was not clear. My internet speed from the ISP did not exceed approx 2Mbps during this time. I ran speed tests over the day. I alternated between Ookla, BT and others and also used the Amplifi HD app. I also ran tests concurrently. The point of the mail is not the ISP inconsistency/low speed (which was known) but the fact that Ookla, BT et al all measure the rate at 2Mbps or less will the Amplifi app always showed > 60Mbps. The image is just a snapshot of the video but even this clearly shows < 1Mbps versus > 70Mbps...

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