can't control Homekit devices from outside home network

  • Hey all,

    Hoping someones got some answers, I've done all the trouble shooting I can on the apple/homekit front. So assuming must be a security issue on the router.

    Can't access any homekit devices (lights, switches, cameras), form outside home network.

    Appreciate any guidance.


  • Hi,
    The same thing happened to me also. The fault was with my Apple TV 4K. I had to sign out of my Apple ID and resign in. I hope that is a help for you. I running a stand alone Alien. Quick was to check is turn off WIFI on your phone go to cellar and se if it is fixed.


  • @James-Catto appreciate the feedback. I tried that, even switched the hub to HomePod..... tried all the apple troubleshooting options.

  • I assume that you have gone into the Home app and Home Settings -> Home Hubs & Bridges and confirmed there is a device Connected in the list of hubs.

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