HomeKit Cameras stop recording in 3.6.2

  • So I’m trying to nail this down but unfortunately I don’t have a great timeline. But what I’ve come to conclude is my HomeKit cameras have stopped recording since 3.6.2

    My question - how do I even go about nailing this down more? My setup:


    • 1x Logitech Circle View camera
    • 2x Eufy Cam 2C pro cameras plus base station.

    HomeKit Hubs:

    • 2x Apple TV’s
    • 4x HomePods
    • 2x HomePod minis.

    Normally I’d just blame Eufy for how notoriously bad they are, but mine have been rock solid up until 3.6.2. And since the Logitech Circle view is also having the same issues I think its safe to say it’s not a specific brand of camera. The cameras will continue to work as live cameras and house old recordings. On the eufy cameras which records both with HomeKit and with Eufy base station, the cameras will still record properly with Eufy base station, just not HomeKit notifications and HomeKit recordings.

    I’ve restarted every home hub. I’ve turned off the Apple TV’s from being the HomeKit hubs (an old apple bug dating back fro iOS 12 or iOS 14). I’ve restarted every camera, restarted every hub, factory restored every cameras, factory restored every home hub, and I’ve restarted both the modem and Alien.

    The only thing that has consistently worked is restarting the Alien. This generally will buy me about 8-24 hours before the cameras begin to fail again.

    I just have no idea where to even look to start to clear this up. Any suggestions?

  • Oh I forgot to add, in my research, it seems the only thing I could determine was that perhaps some kind of 3.6.2 issue is going on with the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands and apples abysmal issue with HomeKit based devices and getting confused on 2.4 and 5ghz. It seems that 3.6.2 has created some kind of issue that now is playing a part with it.

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  • I also tried turning on and off band steering but that did not result in fixes.

  • Finally I should add, I’ve had two HomePods pop since I updated to 3.6.2.

  • @tylerpoppe I gave up on my Logitech Circle View. I wanted it to provide a constant stream so I could watch the front of the house but it constantly disconnects for no reason. It's right by an access point with Ethernet backhaul so the signal strength isn't the issue. I got cheapo Eufy indoor cams that record to microSD cards and they work much better. I wish I could use HomeKit Secure Video but it's just not fit for service.

    My HomePods have always made a soft popping sound when AirPlay disconnects (about 5 minutes after stopping music). It's not very loud so it doesn't bother me.