Alien Router + Meshpoint ... plus another Router?

  • Hi All,

    I've had an Amplifi Alien Router and Meshpoint for about 6 months now, and absolutely love it.

    My house is 3 storey built with brick and block. The Router is located at the front in the middle of the ground floor. The Meshpoint is at the rear in the middle of the top floor. The app shows that connectivity between Router and Meshpoint is "Good".

    I've been unable to hardwire due to UK house construction, and that I'd have some significant amount of cable hiding ... unless I get flat ethernet and hide it up the stairs! I even thought I'd be clever and try Devolo's 2400 series powerline for backhaul ... but the rate was 150Mb/s, and the Alien(s) are achieving more than that wirelessly at present anyway!

    Anyway, on the top floor are the two teenagers with laptops and gaming consoles. It seems that their experience is not as I'd have hoped, and constant moans of "Internet is lagging!" drives me mad with 1Gig fibre connection. I've also tried the Devolo Powerline stuff for them, but would rather stick with one solution, than add Powerline to the mix too!

    My office is on the middle floor, and currently using wi-fi for all devices, but could happily put in a hub for wired if required to either the meshpoint if I moved it down a floor, or a new Alien Router.

    My questions are:

    1. I'm tempted to add another Alien Router, but understand that it doesn't form a proper mesh, but only links with the main Alien Router. So whether I put the new Router or the original Meshpoint on the top floor, the distance and signal will remain the same? Is this correct, or once paired, will all three devices communicate in a triangle? In the end, I'd want three devices, so one was on each floor, and I'd get one in my office to enable LAN connections.

    2. Is there any value in changing my setup to:
      New Alien Router (as internet router) <-> Old Alien Router as 1st Mesh point ... linked to <-> Old Alien Meshpoint
      As it would then be 2 hops from Old Meshpoint, but as the distances are shorter, the signal should be optimal?

    Thanks in advance for advice, sorry for lengthy post ... just needed to give sufficient details.

  • @jarvo :
    1st - Just in case (since many people don't think about this), do you happen to have coaxial cabling already in your home? If you do then it may be worth considering going MoCA (ethernet over COAX) with something like this: ... MoCA is supposed to be much better than powerline adapters.

    2nd- Not sure where you read that it only links to the main router... maybe it's a misunderstanding of the fact that the main router still has to be involved as the provider of all the router functionality, or maybe a miss configuration of the radios used for the mesh network backhaul? While I haven't seen this confirmed by someone doing it, the Alien datasheet ( states that it supports what they call "Mesh Multi-Hop", which means that it's supposed to be able to connect Meshpoints/RaMPs linked to other Meshpoints/RaMPs (instead of directly to the main router, what I believe you are calling "a proper mesh"). Do understand that clients connected to the "multi-hop" Meshpoints/RaMPs will definitely see some performance degradation with each hop (which is why it's most desired to put the main router in a central location to limit the number of hops).

  • Thank you so much @oscartoro for the swift reply.

    1. Oh no, I hadn't considered coax, great recommendation. The house sadly doesn't have coax, but I have plenty on a reel in the garage and could potentially run it externally.

    2. Aaaaah consider me re-educated. That's really useful to know that if I stick with wifi backhaul that it will create multi-hop meshpoint. I presume with wired backhaul it will be much more of a star, with everything going via the central router. Great to know, thank you 🙂

  • @jarvo re: #2- While a star topology is probably the best for this case in terms of performance/reliability, I believe the system is flexible enough where it doesn’t have to be a star type network… as long as you don’t get into a double NATing situation, you could probably (again, haven’t tested this myself) “daisy-chain” them or even have a mix of of Ethernet and wireless backhaul for the Meshpoints/RaMPs.

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