web app stuck at 'teleport will restart during the setup'

  • my laptop is 100% connected to the teleport, but the webpage is stuck at 'teleport will resart during setup' it is telling me to reconnect to SSID of the teleport. I am.

  • I think the root cause is once i am connected the http://amplifi.lan is inaccessible

  • This post is deleted!

  • @alex-balcanquall Can you send teleport support info to gunars.ritins@ubnt.com? Does the issue persist if you reconnect to the teleport setup portal? It would help if you gave a step by step list of what you did.

  • @ubnt-gunars it says please add emaill account to mail app - i don't uise the iOS mail app, i use outlook for home and citrix secure mail for work. Consider allowing us to 'send' the file to any app we choose (mail, drop box, etc). I will configure my mail at some point today and send.


    1. connected amplifi WAN port to my unifi switch which is behined a USG 3P with upnp turned on.
    2. powered on amplifi
    3. setup with app, made sure upnp was enabled but then put it in bridge mode
    4. created mobile hotspot on my phone
    5. connected laptop to teleport
    6. configured teleport to connect to cellular hotsport
    7. when laptop dropped from teleport due to teleport dropping during config i reconnected
    8. ipconifg shows i am connected to my home network
    9. however the web app stays telling me i need to connect to the teleport
    10. http:// amplifi.lan does not resolve to anything

    i will upload pictures when i have converted them to the smaller size the forum needs.0_1516642591316_2018-01-21 (small).png

    ok here you can see i am connected to the SSID i am supposed to be connected to but the teleport app circel just keeps spinng and manually re-pathing amplifi.lan results in cannot reach this page.

    to be clear at this point the laptop can 100% see my home network / the teleport tunnel is working great

  • for folks monitoring, this is currently expected behaviour when using bridge mode, solution:

    1. use http://ipadress of the amplif router or teleport
    2. create a dns mapping if you have dns server for amplifi in zone lan

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