Alien in Bridge Mode - Different Router

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    Second topic of the evening, thought I'd keep it separate to save confusion.

    I currently have a Firewalla Gold performing my internet routing and firewall operations, and the Alien Router + Meshpoint are just working as internet access point/mesh. It's working pretty well ... my only grumble is that I think when the Alien is the Internet Router it gets much better throughput than when used via the Firewalla. If I connect ethernet to the Firewalla I get full speed out of my 1GBit Fibre, but if I connect ethernet to the Alien Router it is significantly less.

    Anyway, I was thinking of reducing the complexity and potentially removing the Firewalla Gold from the mix. BUT wanted to ensure I had all my functionality covered ...

    • Groups and Schedules for controlling internet access (Each kid has a group for their devices, so can be disabled at bedtime) - both FWG and Alien support this.

    • Guest access - My wife has clients visit our property, and best for them to use the guest wifi

    • Firewall - Both FWG and Alien have internet facing firewalls .. I have no metrics on which is "best".

    • Adblocking - The FWG had rudimentary adblocking, and with the Alien I could potentially add in a Pi-Hole if needed. What's the verdict on the Alien adblocking features?

    • Remote access - I've never used the Alien vpn service, but looks pretty damn good.

    • Porn/Adult Material Blocking - As I have three boys, all very curious ... I have disabled all porn via the FWG, and it works pretty well. Granted if you search hard enough you can find things anywhere. But the mainstream sites are all blocked.
      I have noticed there's no way to do this on the Alien. One option I considered was using a DNS service which curates your list of sites, and you can opt to have adult sites blocked. (e.g. Cleanbrowsing). Are there any other solutions, where I could use a more robust/fast DNS service, but some other way of blocking porn?

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