Wifi Consistently Dropping

  • I have verified that the Internet connection from my provider has been consistent and that all my wired connections going through the Amplifi HD router are good. However, Wifi from the router and the mesh points is consistently slow and drops on a consistent basis. I am on the latest firmware and haven't been able to figure out what is going on. Any help/thoughts is much appreciated.

  • @Jeremy-Windmiller Hi. We apologize for any issues you might be having with AmpliFi HD. Please reach out to our support team and attach the support file right after you are experiencing problems to help us faster resolve your issue.
    Thank you!

  • @Jeremy-Windmiller Having a similar issue. Tried everything that could be tried. As soon as one computer uses Discord or plays Roblox the WiFi dies for all other. I have 500/100 ISP, an Amplifi HD router and two mesh points. The traffic is just around 10mbit from that specific computer but it still just stops working for all other devices. The WiFi never disconnects, just stops for 10-15 seconds.

    If the router is restarted, it works fine for about 30 minutes before the lagginess begins, suggesting that something goes wrong over time.

    How is it even possible that one consumer can cause the WiFi to just stop working properly? Are there any device logs I can look at? Can I SSH to the router itself and poke around?

  • @Johan-Karlsson-0 Im having the exact same issue. One person slows down the entire network with Roblox or discord. We had 1 base station and two mesh points in the beginning but are now using 2 basestations and 4 meshpoints.

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