Display/Render LCD contents in Web App or App

  • I find the information available on the Router LCD display very helpful. However the fact it's remote for me (I'm sure I'm not alone with this) and out of view, it's mostly a wasted feature. I'd really like to see the same content available 'as is' either in the Amplifi Web Interface or App (Preferably the web interface).

    I appreciate that some of the content is available in the App, but I really like the fact you can view CPU usage and temp, as well as have a snapshot view of bandwidth consumption at any one time via the Router.

    Having such interface in the web app or app, would go a long way to providing admins with a realtime status window of the router, mesh point(s) and devices without having to travel or walk to the router to view the LCD display.

  • Hi @Kevin-Greenway - CPU usage, temp and client throughput should be available on the topology tab of the web UI

    It’s been so long I don’t recall if you need to enable the Beta option in the web UI to see it (beta firmware installation not required)

    But it would be nice to have the same information available in the app

  • @Derek-Saville thanks for the information on the CPU usage and Temp. Honestly I hadn't found my way into that area before, which seems to be accessible by clicking support and then Beta options.

    Like you say though, would be great to be consistent and have the same view point across each UI. Another one which springs to mind is the topology view, which is really helpful but only available in the web UI?

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