Main node went out to lunch

  • Twice now in the past two days, my main Alien node has stopped broadcasting its SSID and doesn't respond to any wired traffic. The LCD on the device is still responsive, but the throughput graph is stuck, speed tests don't work, etc.

    It does show a bunch of wired and wireless devices connected, which is also not true, since the network is completely gone and none of those devices have Wifi.

    The whole rest of my home network is fine; just wifi is gone and any wired devices downstream from the main node don't have any kind of networking at all.

    Some pictures attached - anybody ever seen this? Know what to do?

    Configuration: 1 Alien main node + 3x ethernet backhaul RAMP nodes.

    3_1641923991286_ramp-3.jpg 2_1641923991286_ramp-2.jpg 1_1641923991285_ramp-1.jpg 0_1641923991282_main-node.jpg

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