Fan roaring along at 6600RPM and wont stop - Unit Only 45deg c

  • As the title says . . . Tried reset etc and no joy, Should I send it back ?



  • I have the same problem.
    Did you solve it?
    Support can't help me

  • Hi, Marcin

    Support, were of no help to me, they told me that constant fan speeds of 6000rpm was normal !

    It defies all logic, but this worked for me:

    I was told by a user on Reddit to unplug the device and plug it into another power outlet in the house. I did this and when the router rebooted the fan was ticking over at a reasonable 300Rpm
    I plugged it back in to the original outlet and I have had no issues ever since.

    I don't know if was just a coincidence or there is something in it. I had tried everything before, factory reset / reboot etc. and nothing worked.

    Post here if you have any success. I would be interested to know because I cannot understand why it would work.

  • It's weird, but it works ☺
    Thank you 👌

  • Hi
    Just purchased the Alien and had the same problem as above. Plugging into different outlets makes no sense in any way...but did try it. So... when in doubt what does one do, well, tried a classic Polish way of fixing things, Gave it a tap... No, not a whack, just a tap. And... the bloody thing works now... Give it a go. Its almost like the thermostat is on a bimetallic strip! Anyway. Can't believe how quiet it is now... almost alien like.

  • @Adam-Jedlinski I would like to second this. Went through all the hoops with chat support including plugging into a different plug. Nothing worked until I get it a bit more than a tap but not quite a whack. Fans are near silent now and spin up when hot then back down as expected!

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