Static routes please

  • I was surprised and disappointed to discover that my nearly $400 AmpliFi Alien wifi routers are incapable of setting up static routes. If I was still within the return window, I would send back all three units back. Please add this capability to the product.

  • Im in the same boat... The more time that passes the more I regret purchasing Aliens for my network. I get frustrated each time I log into the web portal or app to find what I want to do isnt possible with the crippled alien firmware. I am not looking to do advanced features either, just normal run of the mill things that EVERY other manufacture allows their customers to do right out of the box, even without loading a 3rd party firmware.

    Whats the point of having good hardware if there is no way to configure it to your specific environments.

  • I got what I wanted to know, Thanks for posting this info. And, I am very happy to be here. Keep it up.

  • @Samuel-Jackson What and where did you get the info you needed?

  • Am I the only one who works up a list of features required in hardware I'm going to acquire (before purchase), then checks for the existence of those features in candidate products? This seems like it would be standard operating procedure. Complaining that product X does not support feature Y after buying product X seems both pointless and more a statement about the vetting (or lack thereof) a customer did prior to purchase.

  • @mleeds There is some merit in what you stated. I believe that people start less knowledgeable and purchase a product based on the suggestions of people who, at the time, they considered knowledgeable. Once they have the product and start learning more about what they are connecting to (in this case, the internet) and learn they need a feature, only to learn that the product doesn't have the feature. As a result, they post questions, complaints, and suggestions.

    If at the time they are posted, and the product is a year or more old, those questions, complaints, and suggestions can tend to irritate those more knowledgeable about a product.

    I have to keep reminding myself of this when I get irritated at some posts.

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