Port Forwarding fix for Ethernet backhaul (wired Alien Router node)

  • Port forwarding does not work on the Alien Wired Node when enabling Hardware Accelleration in the WebUI of the Alien Base.

    This results into not being able to use the port forwarded connection when a your device is connected to the Alien Mesh Node that is wired to the base. The port forwarding however does work when your device is connected to the base unit.

    This issue is a known issue for over a year and needs to be fixed permanently. Otherwise one would have to keep on switching off Hardware Accelleration when one wants to use the port forwarding rules set, and turn the accelleration back on again for accellerated wired networking usage. For a high end device and the price point of 2 of these Alien units this must be adressed properly and above all 'be fixed' for the rest of the community. Who agrees?

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