amplify Hd , 2 routers and a mesh point

  • Hi I have a Amplify HD and recently bought one more with a locked mesh point.
    I activated amplifi HD no 2 as mesh point and want to establish Ethernet backhaul with lan cables.

    So far so good.

    My setup is
    Amplify HD no 1 in basement, not possible to move location for router as fibernet is entering the basement.

    Amplify HD no 2 as mesh point in ground floor, connected with Ethernet backhaul.

    Seperate Mesh point locked to No 1 router at first floor.

    My problem now is the seperate mesh point has difficulties in connecting to the correct router.

    ideally it should connect to the ethernet backhaul connection as a whole and use the vicinity of mesh point 2 instead of the router in the basement which is too far away.

    I can not switch and move the router 1 to the ground floor and use it as mesh point, because then the seperate mesh won't connect.

    Can anybody help?

  • Hi @Airbus321 - unfortunately there is no way to force a topology in the app or web UI

    In theory the MeshPoint should eventually do a scan and lock on to the stronger signal (if that is the case) but that doesn't always seem to happen

    Some people will temporarily throw a metal can over the Basement HD and reboot the 1st Floor MeshPoint so it only initially sees the Ground Floor HD for connecting to the mesh, but it still may at some point flip over to the Basement HD again if its algorithm determines it to be a better signal choice (which users often disagree with)

    FYI - there is now a process to unlock mesh points which you can obtain by contacting support

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