AmplifiHD + ScreenBeam (MOCA)

  • I have Spectrum Internet. I have my own cable modem (Motorola MB8611). The modem connect to my Amplifi HD Router.

    I am installing ScreenBeam MOCA Coax adapters so I can have ethernet backbone in my house and run ethernet wired access points.

    how does the setup work?

    Cable line connects to "IN" port of COAX splitter. Then, "OUT" of the splitter connect 1 - Modem and 2 - MOCA Adapter.

    Now I connect the modem to the Amplifi Router with ethernet cable into the "internet" port of the router.

    What do I connect the Moca adapter out from the ethernet side? Does that also go into the router into an open slot?

  • Hi @David-Kroh - your description sounds correct, the cable modem Ethernet is connected to the router's WAN Internet port and you connect one of router's 4 LAN ports to the MOCA adapter so it can redistribute your internal network to another MOCA adapter elsewhere in the house

  • @David-Kroh - I think you may have messaged me? I saw a notification today but now I cannot find it.

    Here is the way I have my MOCA adapters setup:

    Quick update - I just installed the Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 adapters and so far so good. I'm getting about 820Mbps down and 860Mbps up when connected directly to ethernet via coax. I've connected my Amplifi Mesh HD router and Speedtest on AppleTV connected to the router is showing the same results. My UVerse receivers are wired (coax) and they appear to be working as well (so far). Here is what I did:

    1. Connected ATT Gateway coax into a splitter and also connected the Actiontec adapter to the splitter (dual coax side). Also connected the ethernet on the Actiontec adapter to the ATT Gateway LAN port.
    2. Connected the splitter into the wall coax outlet (single coax side) near the gateway. The primary Amplifi router is already connected to the ATT Gateway and is in bridge mode
    3. Connected a splitter (single coax side) into the wall outlet near the mesh router
    4. Connected the ATT Receiver (VP1200) coax into one of the outputs on the splitter (dual coax side)
    5. Connected the Actiontec adapter to the 2nd coax output on the splitter
    6. Connected the ethernet on the Actiontec adapter to the WAN port on the Amplifi Mesh router.

    Hope this helps.

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