Wi-Fi performance

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    I saw the previous topics about such issue but for me there are no clear state point from AMPLIFI.

    We are buying quite expensive tool because of the specification/marketing - but it is not working in that way.

    Let me share my example. In my location I have nice ISP that give me 1Gbps (download/upload).
    Testing amplifi give me below results:

    • Ethernet : 970/983 Mbps (download/upload)
    • Wi-Fi - connection via MacBook - maybe 30 cm from amplifi unit: 450/300
    • Wi-Fi - connection 10m (behind one wall) - 170/150
    • Wi-Fi - connection via meshpoint - 121/70

    Both mesh points are showing that they are in the middle of green area. My house is not so big - around 120 m2, one floor. From the farest place that I can find (around 7m from the meshpoint - no wall and maybe 15m from the amplifi unit - 2 walls) - transfer is 62/43

    802.11ac - I should get max from my ISP. What is going on? Ethernet is working as expect but the Wi-Fi is working terrible wrong - my old tplink is much better than that (including vlan support …)

    I saw the information about hardware NAT - it is sooo wrong that amplifi is not mentioning about that in marketing slogans. Nevertheless I have tried to use it - I don’t see any additional value in my case.

    Could someone give some advice ?

    BTW. Anyone knows if Alien is working in the same way? So, bridge mode doesn't work in full speed + "hardware" nat is required?

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