Alien Amplifi - Gigabit ISP - AP/Bridge Mode

  • Hello All,

    I was seeing if I am alone with this issue and if I have to RMA or if there is a setting I am missing.
    I bought 2 new Alien Routers during Black Friday and one bricked itself after a power cycle and got stuck at 99% on reboot. Luckily I had the second to take its place while the first is still getting RMA'd.

    I have the alien in bridge mode acting as the AP / wireless network for my setup while the beefy custom router/firewall handles dhcp etc.

    My issue now is that I am getting only 1/2 speed on Download and 100% Upload.
    On a symmetrical 1Gbps fiber connection with an intel i5 powered router (not a bottleneck).

    Plugged into the ethernet in front of the Alien I get close to 1gbps/1gbps

    Anything behind the alien gets half the download bandwidth and full up. Wired or wireless.

    On Amplifi's troubleshooting pages they mention enabling Hardware NAT, but the Alien isn't capable of.

    Let me know if you have experienced this as well or if I rolled snakeeyes and got 2/2 bad devices.


  • @seanzi Out of curiosity, have you tried using the Alien in router mode and have your fiber connection going into it directly, instead of your custom router. Might be a good data point just to try out.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian
    I have not. My router acts as the firewall and modem as it contains the 802.11X cert and routing for authentication with the fiber network. I could try doing a double NAT but would prob skew results. Maybe on the firewall I could assign the Alien to a DMZ and try. I did notice this setting - Hardware Acceleration - on the web interface of the Alien but it only slowed down my speeds.

    Interestingly enough, after disabling it I saw fast down (790mbps) for only 1 speed test and then immediately back to half down. Repeated this test 3 times and can consistently get ~700 after enabling then disabling hardware accel for only one test following saving the changes.

    Scratching my head on this one. Ordering new sstp CAT7 cables to rule out crosstalk.

  • @seanzi I would try it, just to see what happens. More data the better. You think Flow Control is turned on somewhere on your main router?

  • @Phil-Hasseljian Alright i'll give it a try. No flow control or QoS. I figured 1gb/1gb let all devices eat.

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