WiFi 6 5ghz SSID Not Splitting/Broadcasting on 3.6.2

  • Hello everyone. Just wanted to post about a bug. I'm new to the Alien router. After setting up the device (mostly) how I wanted, I preceded to update the device. It shipped with 3.4.1. After updating to 3.6.2, the WiFi 6 5ghz SSID is no longer visible or being broadcast. When using a WiFi analyzer, WiFi 5 5ghz and WiFi 6 2.4ghz are both visible. I tried a bunch of things with support such as rebooting, unplugging the device and a factory reset.

  • I believe this was a config file issue. While on FW 3.4.1 I combined WiFi 6 SSIDs and then tried to re-split them after updating to FW 3.6.2. On a second Alien unit I refrained from doing this and was able to update to latest firmware and everything is as it should be, working as intended.

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