Meshpoints connected to the Ethernet Backhaul router

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to have my meshpoints connect to the router I'm using for Ethernet Backhaul, rather than the main router/internet point? The internet comes from the detached garage, and I strung an ether cable into my house to connect to the secondary router I set for wired ethernet backbone. The 2 mesh points I have only want to connect to the main router though, and therefore the signal strength is very poor. If I pause the meshpoints, my signal finds the secondary router immediately and it's faster. I still want to be able to use these meshpoints.

  • Hi @ColorNetworking - just curious, if you put something (i.e. metal can) over the main router in the detached garage to block its WiFi signal, do the MeshPoints then attach to the Ethernet backhaul RAMP in the house?

    The MeshPoints are supposed to attach to the best signal coming from either the main router or any wired backhaul ramp

    Do you need a strong WiFi signal in the detached garage?
    If not, can you use the Ehternet cable that you ran to place the main router in the house and see if a MeshPoint would work well enough in the detached garage since it sounds like the signal is reaching that far?

    Since you indicated that pausing the MeshPoints allows your client to instantly connect to the Ethernet backhaul RAMP in the house, it could be that there is too much overlap and interference between the MeshPoints and the RAMP and that might be why they are wanting to connect to the main router
    You might want to take the MeshPoints completely offline, survey your site to see how well the coverage is, and then try optimizing the placement of the MeshPoints as far away as possible to limit overlap while still covering any dead spots you might have

    Also note that wireless MeshPoint hops degrade throughput roughly ~50%, so you want to use them as efficiently as possible and only where absolutely necessary to extend range knowing the performance hit tradeoff

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