Is this normal?

  • Hi, so I have 7 Amplify HDs in Bridge Mode connected to a Netlink switch which has IGMP snooping enabled to prevent multicast traffic flooding the network. Generally everything works fine but occasionally when I try to stream a program from my Synology NAS (Plex Media server) to Infuse running on Apple TV it just gives me a spinning wheel. I generally put this down to one of the kids using TikTok or something that the network doesn't "like". Anyhow this happened the other morning and I had a look on the Amplifi app to see what was going on. I was seeing headline activity bursting up to <100Mbps. In devices, when I scrolled down to the Ethernet devices (which has 29 connections) I noticed that a number of ports (16 out of 29) were showing exactly the same high level of traffic even though the network should have been quiet (I appreciate there could be background updates going on). I took a screenshot. I tried to use Wireshark to see what this traffic was by plugging my MacBook into a spare port on the TP Link switch but I don't see the volume of data captured that I would expect. I will try a Wireshark capture from a spare Amplify port. The Amplifi app only shows port numbers for the connected devices but doesn't really help me to identify specifically which devices are sending / receiving the large amounts of date ie I can see that a number of them are Sonos devices but it isn't all Sonos devices ditto Apple TV. so I don't know which specific devices are involved. I was wondering if I needed IGMP Snooping on my Amplify devices but I don't believe this is an option. Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation, Rob0_1643363688660_IMG_3732.jpeg

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