Teleport still supported and experience?

  • I was thinking about buying an Amplifi HD + Teleport, but can't find it available for purchase anywhere. Does anyone know if this is a supply chain issue or whether the Teleport is headed toward the dustbin?

    On another note, does anyone have any experience with the Teleport? I do a lot of traveling and have always wanted to connect to my home network while away with something that "just works."

    A few questions I haven't been able to find the answers to online: Is it a Layer 2 or Layer 3 bridge into my home network? Will it reflect mDNS traffic over the VPN tunnel to access AirPlay and other services? Do I need a static IP at home with my ISP to make it work? My ISP switches my IP address every few months so have had trouble setting up a reliable, low-maintenance OpenVPN instance on my own.

  • Hi @jasper22rh - the original HW Teleport has been discontinued although it does still receive firmware updates along with the rest of the HD range

    The HW Teleport was replaced by the Teleport app for iOS & Android mobile devices only, and Router-to-Router Teleport for site-to-site connections, and the VPN was changed to a proxy that does not work in the same way as the HW Teleport

    For a HW Teleport replacement I think many have turned to WireGuard solutions, such as the travel routers from GL-iNet (i.e. MT1300 Beryl) which you can use to very easily setup as a WG server at your home site (behind a main router requiring a simple port forward rule) and connect to via WG apps available for almost any client, and/or use a second one as a WG endpoint for traveling or site-to-site connections

    If you need more complex routing then there are options such as Netgate pfSense+ which can be customized to your specific needs

    If your public facing IP address changes often there are dynamic DNS services solution available such as DuckDNS

    AmpliFi uses their backend cloud for establishing the Teleport connections so you never have to worry about IP address changes

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